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          Product Name: 5-Acetoacetyl-amino-benzimidazolone(AABI)

          Name: 5-Acetoacetyl-amino-benzimidazolone(AABI)

          Molecular formula: C11H11N3O3 Molecular weight:233
          C.A.S: [26576-46-5]
          Chemical structure:

          1. HPLC purity: ≥99% 2. Insol. in alkali: ≤0.3% 3. Appearance: pure white powder 4. Moisture: ≤1%

          Use: The derivational organic pigments are yellowish orange, mainly including C.I. pigment yellow 120, 151, 154, 175, 180, 181, orange 36, 62 etc.

          Product Name: 5-Amino-6-methylbenzimidazolone

          English Name: 5-Amino-6-methylbenzimidazolone (Shorted Name: AMBI)
          Molecular Formula: C8H9N3O Molecular Weight: 163.18 C.A.S No.: 67014-36-2
          Ctructural Formula:

          Main Qialifications: (Qualification)
          1, HPLC Purity: ≥98.5% 3, Appearance: light yellow powder 4, Moisture: ≤1.5%

          Use: AMBI has wide usage in pharmacy, pesticide, dyes and special materials industry. It is the intermediates of dyes orange 64.

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